Schutt 9465 Air Flex Elite Adult Shoulder Pads

Adult Shoulder Pads (RB,CB,LB,S)
Sales price: $299.95

Exclusive Non Epaulet Design

We’ve developed our patent pending “Non-Epaulet” technology to skill position players. No other company offers a shoulder pad with this tremendous advantage!

Redundancy Pad
Features a 3/4” redundancy pad that’s sewn over the top of the shoulder area.

Lightweight Powerful Design

The lightest multi-purpose shoulder pad on the field. AiR Flex™  technology with raised corrugations for maximum strength and protection.

Arch Design Removable Deltoid Pads

Arch has an extreme cutaway design which allows complete freedom of movement and arm extension. Contoured plastic sub arch reinforces the arch for added strength with a low profile. Deltoid pads are removable.

Impact Comparison Test
To determine what shoulder pad really does the best job of protecting players from the force of tackles, the liner from the leading NFL® shoulder pad was replaced with a Brock Beaded Quilt Liner. Subsequent laboratory testing showed a dramatic decrease in the force transmitted through the pad, when compared to the original liner. On average, 66% less energy was transferred through the pad.

Brock Beaded Technology G-Force Reduction
The patented technology in the AiR Flex™ pads greatly reduces the force a player feels from impact. The Brock Beaded Quilt absorbs and diffuses the force among the thousands of its impact-absorbing beads.

Brock Air Circulation
The patented Brock Beaded Quilt not only evaporates sweat faster, if focuses air circulation – pushing the cool air in closer to your body – while the hot air is pushed out. Each model also features 5mm vent holes that keep the air flowing around your body.

Raised Corrugations
Raised corrugations in the design make the pad stronger while 5mm holes in both the arch and throughout the pad aid in circulating air to keep you cooler.

Stainless Steel Hardware
AiR Flex™ shoulder pads were built with elite athletes in mind, using the best materials and the best design to produce the game’s finest shoulder pads.

AEGIS Anti-Microbial

Exclusive to Schutt, AEGIS® takes anti-microbial agents to the next level. Working 24/7, this rugged germ-fighting agent uses negatively charged anti-microbial particles to fight against an array of bacteria, fungus, germs, and mold. AEGIS® is so effective, it’s registered with the EPA.

Additional Features
On all models of AiR Flex™ shoulder pads, you’ll also find the following features and benefits:
    1)    Ventilated arch and sub-arch, to increase air flow
    2)    Removable clavicle channels, for a customized fit
    3)    Dri-Lex® Aerospacer 100 fabric for lightweight ruggedness
    4)    Non cantilever design for a very low profile, flat pad

Size               Shoulder Width               Chest
Small               16-17"                          34-36"
Medium            17-18"                          38-40"
Large               18-19"                          42-44"
X-Large            19-20"                          46-48"
2X-Large          20-21"                          48-50"
3X-Large          21-22"                          50-52"
4X-Large          22-23"                          54-56"

-Running Back
-Corner Back


Schutt AiR Flex Shoulder Pads Technology Video